How to make your laptop Playbook?

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by BB Boy

BlackBerry faithful wondering about my loyalties, but I admit AOM not afraid that I, Äôve owner of an iPad 2 about its release date. A company that I have decided that after a modest success in 2010, we, AOD, we buy iPads. To know the release was imminent, I had the idea of ​​introducing the BlackBerry playbook. But, seeing that one partner has a vendetta against the BlackBerry, this idea was immediately shot off.

I, because I noticed a trend recently Äôve. My text book appears, I didn AOT, more late last year to come with me to places. My iPad, on the other hand, remains roughly at my desk or coffee table. It begs the question: how do you make your laptop Playbook


How in the image to the right, the text book small enough to fit in the back pocket of jeans. Well, that’s * some * The pockets of the jeans. Since the time I met him as an Kevin Äôve from Ghent in fashion, he wears jeans and probably fantasy. The text book, unfortunately not in the back pocket of my old regular jeans. They fit well into the pockets of the cargo, which would be nice if my fiance NDO, AOT forbids me to cargo pants and shorts to wear. (You unattractive, Aore, they and others have told me.)

However, the size is 7 inches from the textbook will not lend to its portability. I found myself carrying around with me Äôve on trains and buses by using it as a reader, among other functions. Best of all, can I carry around with almost no extra space. Although there is some , including some cases of protection, I found that Äôve pouch works well for most situations. I would not throw to AOT in my backpack full of rocks, of course, but for normal, all the protections day she works pretty well.

people drool over the iPad, and not as an owner I can say I blame them AOT. There OSA simply the best tablet on the market, and that no light at the SOA playbook. There OSA simply a nod to Apple, where it is justified. But the iPad is far from perfect. Although I enjoy the 10-inch screen for many reasons, it takes from the iPad, the portability of the participant. This is where SOA Playbook has the advantage. If RIM manages could the developers behind BlackBerry Development 10 that will come with the development playbook, they appear to be on something. Do the Playbook an additional device, and one that can stand on its own, will go a long way in promoting acceptance.

And do

, AOT forget, you can dirt cheap Playbook: , and the best value, .


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