Convert your voice recordings to WAV with AMR to WAV Converter

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by BB Boy

Some time ago a friend asked me if there an easy way to convert a BlackBerry Voice Notes file into an MP3. Ugh, I thought. Yes, there are a few ways to do it, but they are usually complicated and require be that you pay for the software conversion. (Even Mac users have QuickTime Pro, QuickTime, not regularly, for the conversion.) A new application into memory BBGeeks not require you to pay, but it’s cheaper than most conversion software that j saw ‘. As the name says app, it converts your voice notes AMR files to WAV files. WAV, you can simply make a copy in any audio format using iTunes.

AMR To Wav Converter is an application simple enough. After this process you can select voice memo files and wait a few seconds to convert. Yeah. That’s it. You have a file. Wav you expect on your BlackBerry, you can then either the user or simply to convert to another format.

The size is usually large WAV files., You need to transfer files via USB cable. But if they are small enough, you can always send them to themselves. From there you can either use the file as is. If you prefer MP3, but you can easily make a conversion with iTunes (which is of course free). You can open iTunes and go to do the settings. On the General screen, click on Import Settings … Button. On the next screen you will see a drop-down input format. Choose MP3. Then add the file to your iTunes library. Right click it and select “Create MP3 Version.” ITunes then a copy of the file in MP3 format. It’s that simple.

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