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by BB Boy

switching profiles on your BlackBerry is not a difficult task. You only need a simple tap or click on the icon of the profile that is directly on your home screen. From there, you simply select the appropriate profile and you’re good to go. You can also easily create new profiles from this screen, so you never have a shortage of available profiles. Nevertheless, there is still a bug in the whole process: it requires you to take certain actions at certain times. We humans – at least some of us – are particularly bad in memory of those things. Embarrassing and we get calls during meetings. With a killer app for App World, but we can make the process transparent to switch profile.

The app is amended, the title profile, and it takes a lot of manual labor to changing patterns. It can automatically by a number of criteria. It can also protect against the time when you accidentally leave it on mute. Where you would normally miss a call, perhaps an important question, Profile changer comes to your rescue.

The most elegant feature of the profile

change is to change the way profiles based on calendar. You can change your profile, depending on certain keywords that you specify in the application. If you create an appointment, you must include the appropriate keywords in the subject line or the location field. When this event happens in your calendar will automatically switch to profile-profile changer for this pre-series. For example, if you set the meeting keyword to edit your profile in silent mode, the profile changer does this automatically when an event calendar, in which this keyword is present.

Another interesting feature is the changing profile location. The application uses the cell tower information, obviously, as a rule to estimate your location. You can use your profile to change the basis of specific locations. This is wonderful for those of us to go to our phones by the church or to forget the library to silence. You can even have a profile for when you are at work – perhaps to filter personal calls. Finally, the profile changer can change profiles at the time of day. This works well for those of us with regular routines. We can only go about our day as usual, and the application will change our profile for us. As, to save us from ourselves, and the profile changer takes care of that too. See, it could be that you change your profile password again normally silent. This requires the software to the VIP rule that a contact or contact group on what can assign to a list of emergency breakthrough. Your calls will always go through even if you switched to another application in silent mode. The only problem is that the application only works with BlackBerry OS 7.1 or later, you must use the latest version of the latest smartphones to this application. But if you do, you can href = “http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/74464/?lang=en”> for $ 2.99.


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