BBM-10 on BlackBerry Built using BBM Social Platform Cascades & Coming Too!

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by BB Boy

 BlackBerry MDS cupcakes


I dug a little further into the Jam Session Catalog 10 Blackberry and ran into a little gold. RIM has already told us, before the BlackBerry-10 is to have fuel at the start. The thing is, it looks like RIM has been working along and build faster than expected. BlackBerry for 10 hours on 2 May, Robert Connell, customer-BBM team will take on RIM’s development, will lead a session on href = “”> DEV129

Notice the past tense “built” to share with RIM on-screen UI and sample code with the developer. Here is the description of the session:

This session shows

as the internal team to RIM ® Cascades to build application for BlackBerry ® 10 platform. We are pursuing a sample BlackBerry ® Messenger (BBM ™) for developers to build applications for the process and the steps that we think along the way. They will come on-screen UI and code examples to help the efforts of their own development.

The key takeaway


  • Learn more about the small possibility of creating applications Cascade


<> Follow the example application created for fuels

understanding how to compose screen streams with BBM-screen

better with other sessions on the Blackberry Jam 10 in which Avinash Chidambaram, Project Manager at RIM’s MDS, including how to More details to the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform API

href rel = ‘bookmark’ title = ‘BBM Social Platform SDK Beta for Release of Q1 RIM confirms’> BBM Social Platform SDK Beta confirms release Q1 of RIM

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