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by BB Boy

This app would have come in handy about a week ago. A friend, at an industry conferenced, messaged to ask me about converting a certain audio file type. His BlackBerry audio recorder only used one file type, and he needed it in MP3 format. At the time I wasn’t familiar with any such software on the BlackBerry itself. The only advice I could give was a different audio recording application, which is obviously not what he wanted to hear. Of course, a week later and an audio conversion app hits App World. It’s called Convert Audio, and it does pretty much everything you’d expect.

Once you have the file on your BlackBerry, you open up Convert Audio and find it with the built-in file browser. You can select bitrates and channels here. Convert Audio then uploads the file to the cloud, converts it, and then re-downloads it to your device. This obviously works better via WiFi, but you can make do with your cellular connection if it’s all that’s available. Just know that it could take a while, depending on the source and converted sizes.

You can actually play the file from the cloud, from your BlackBerry media application. That can be good in some scenarios, though I presume that most people need this for file purposes. Once you’ve finished downloading the converted file, you can have the source automatically deleted, as to save space.

The pricing on Convert Audio is a bit odd. It costs $ 1.99, but that gets you only 20 conversions. Once you run out, you have to spend another $ 2 on another 20 conversions. It’s pretty cheap, all told, and since you can more easily accomplish this on a computer it probably won’t get a ton of use. I imagine those 20 conversions will last quite a while.

Still, this can be of great use to many BlackBerry users. You can get Convert Audio at App World.


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