Utilizing your BlackBerry PlayBook in the cooking area

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by BB Boy

How many ways do you use your BlackBerry PlayBook? There are dozens upon dozens. Think about it for long enough and you’ll figure out ways that you can use the PlayBook in many of your daily activities. One area where I’ve found myself using it lately is the kitchen. The PlayBook makes for a great cooking companion. It might not dice an onion for you, but it can make the process of cooking dinner just a bit easier. Here are a few tips if you want to use your BlackBerry PlayBook in the kitchen.

A case

One thing you’ll definitely want for your PlayBook is a case. We recently listed some excellent BlackBerry PlayBook cases, and a number of them will work for our purposes here. The only real requirement is that it has a stand. Other than that, features are optional. I would recommend, however, a screen guard. You never know when something’s going to splash onto the screen and cause a mess.

Recipe apps

Honestly, I see no need to buy a recipe app. There are hundreds of recipe sites and thousands of recipes on the web. The PlayBook has an excellent web browser, so if you need to search out a recipe you can find one easily. There are some free recipe apps, but really all you need is the PlayBook browser and some googling skills. That should do you just fine. I also use this method for finding substitutions, which, given the limited nature of my pantry, is often necessary.

Backlight app

One thing that frustrated me at first was that every time I went to actually do something, I’d come back and the PlayBook screen would have shut off. This is a pain, especially if you have grimy kitchen hands. This led me to spend a dollar on BackLight Override. The frustration it’s saved me is worth far more than a dollar. Now I can keep the recipe or the timer on screen at all times, without having to wake up the device.

Kitchen timer

Anyone who cooks likely has an egg timer in the kitchen. Maybe the microwave and/or stove have timers, too. But complicated meals can require you to time up to five things at once. This is the kind of thing digital devices were made for. I’m a huge fan of Dirty Kitchen Cooking Timer. It’s just $ 2 in App World, and it provides you with five timers — four burners and the oven. That will help you with even the most complicated meals, and it’s far better than that egg timer.

If you use your PlayBook in the kitchen, chime in. Let us know the different ways you use it.

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