Beef up your BlackBerry menu with Menu+

Tuesday, 15 November 2011, 9:20 | BlackBerry Application | 0 Comment | Read 140 Times
by BB Boy

One underutilized aspect of the BlackBerry OS is the menu. It’s with you in every screen, in every application, on the BlackBerry. Yet there are limited options on it, and most of them deal with the current app. A new app in the BBGeeks Store, Menu+, aims to take more full advantage of that premium space. The app allows you to add a number of items to your universal menu, allowing you to access them no matter where you are on your BlackBerry. Things can get done a good deal faster that way.


This isn’t the first menu app, but it’s certainly the most comprehensive. A while back I noticed a lot of new menu apps in the Store, but they didn’t provide a ton of functionality. Mostly it let you add the time and your battery life, at most. Menu+ takes that way, way further. It makes getting around your BlackBerry much easier.

If you find yourself calling, texting, or emailing someone in particular frequently, you can add a quick contact to the menu. Say you’re calling your significant other multiple times per day. You can add a menu item that instantly calls him or her. Ditto for text messaging and emailing. I can imagine the email feature coming in handy for professional situations where you’re working with a partner or client. I have business partners that I email a dozen times a day. You can also do this with PIN messages.

Here’s where Menu+ starts to separate itself. A Google search item brings up a search box. From there you can instantly search Google, rather than opening the browser. There’s also a handy application monitor, which, as you might guess, allows you to view the number of active applications. You can even use it as an app switcher — though holding down the menu key does that well enough.

One interesting thing on here is a WiFi on/off switch. This is easy enough from most BlackBerry devices, since it’s right in the Manage Connections screen. In BlackBerry 6/7 it’s even easier, since it’s an option on the main drop-down menu. But if you’re inside an app and want to switch your WiFi on, this comes in handy. There’s no need to back out and then go back into the app.

Oh, and you can add the time, of course. Menu+ wouldn’t be much of a menu app if it didn’t do that. Sadly, it does not provide a battery meter. It does have a memory booster, but from years of testing these apps I can conclude that they do little to nothing. Maybe a short-term speed boost, but that’s about it.

Again, Menu+ is the most comprehensive menu app I’ve seen on the market. It provides plenty of functions that you can access from any app, any time. And it’s cheap. You can get the Menu+ app for just 99 cents.

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